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Strengthen Your Hamstrings on the Leg Curl

Continuing with the lower body focus, today we highlight the Hamstrings and the Eagle NX Leg Curl machine.

Activities Using Hamstrings

The hamstrings are an essential muscle group in nearly all activities using our legs. The hamstrings are composed of three muscles in the back of your thigh, running from the back of your knee to your butt.

The function of this muscle group is to bend the knee joint as well as bring the thigh backwards, so we use it for pretty much everything we do involving our lower bodies. It is also activated in sports activities, such as skiing, basketball jump shots, baseball hitting and fielding, rowing, deadlifts, soccer kicking and running and the throwing motion in football.

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Have a Healthy Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching this weekend, I feel like we are inundated with subtle (and not so subtle) reminders to pick up flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. for the special someone in our lives. For those of us working in the fitness industry, sticking to our New Year’s Resolutions, or just generally living healthier lifestyles, some of those fancier dinners and boxes full of chocolate aren’t necessarily what are at the top of wish lists for February 14th.

With that in mind, I started looking around for some fun and healthy ideas for Valentine’s Day that can be just as sweet, but without the sugar! (Hey, its Valentine’s Day – cheesy lines have to show up somewhere, right?!)

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Maintain Size and Strength in Your Shoulders

Use this workout to maintain the size and strength that you have built in your shoulders through previous workouts. With the Cybex Bravo and a set of dumbbells, we’ll show you how to work the muscles you’ve developed so all of that work doesn’t go to waste and you continue to reach your fitness goals as part of being #FitIn15.

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Exploring the Psoas for improved strength and mobility

While most people are familiar with the larger musicles groups of the hips, back, and torso, the smaller ones are often overlooked. Just as often it is these muscles that are the culprits of our aches and pains.

The psoas are not typically targeted with traditional gym exercises, and sinc emany of us don’t know where it is, it scan be difficult to diagnose as a source of pain or weakness.

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Build Size & Strength in Your Shoulders

Use this workout to help strengthen and build size in your shoulders. By utilizing the versatile Bravo All-in-One Functional Trainer, Eagle NX Shoulder Press, and dumbbells, you will be able to push yourself toward the results you’re working for.

Strengthen Your Shoulders

This four-block workout is designd to help you build strength and size in your shoulders. Before starting this workout, consider first working through our starter workout for strength training and strengthening your core. This workout builds on the strides you have already established for movement confidence and strength, allowing you to do more, successfully.

Please note that because these exercises are designed to help build size and strength, the last set of each exercise should be done until you are no longer able to perform the proper technique (which should be around 8 to 12 repetitions). If you find yoruself doing more, increase weight. If you’re unable to get to 8, decrease the weight being used.

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The 1% Incline: Simulating over-ground running?

Are you part of the 1% club? No, we don’t mean the wealthiest group of Americans or an outlaw motorcycle gang (although, you may be part of these groups too – the treadmill really is for everyone.) But what we mean is are you a runner that increases the incline of your treadmill to 1% to better simulate over-ground running?

If yes, were you also told that this was incorrect? Or that you should just try running faster or that you should just bag the treadmill altogether?

We are here with a little help from Cory Hofmann of our own Cybex Research Institute to tell you why you may not necessarily be wrong, nor are your friends when they tell you to just run faster.

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From Fat To Fit On The Arc Trainer

From time to time, we receive some truly inspirational messages and stories of success from users of Cybex equipment. It may be someone who used a Cybex product to help rehab an injury, meet a weight-loss goal, or finally found the product that kept them coming back to the gym after years of failed attempts. We love getting these stories and when we get the opportunity to share them with you, that makes them even better.

Recently, we received a very touching note from Billy Martin, who has dealt with physical issues for years and also suffered the loss of his son while serving in the Navy in 2011. When most people would use these ailments and loss as a reason to “let go,” Billy uses them as motivation to change his life and be active. He uses the Arc Trainer at his local Snap Fitness, dropping over 140 pounds and relieving much of the pain that ailed his daily life. His story, in his words, is below. We hope you find it as inspiring as we have.

From Fat to Fit on the Arc Trainer

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Add Exercises To Your Core Routine

Previously, we outlined the first workout in the Size & Shape series from our Cybex Workout Center. This workout, designed to show you how to begin a strength program, focused on gaining a confidence and understanding of how to make movements you will need in future workouts, including today’s introduction of the second program in the group.

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The Core is More than You Think: Using the back extension machine

Today we are going to refocus on core exercises, specifically ones that work the erector spinae muscles of the back, also referred to as back extensor muscles. These muscles play a key role in providing stability during many of the activities you love to do.

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15 Songs To Keep You In The Gym This January

By the 3rd week in January, many of the New Year’s Resolution crowd has already stopped showing up at the gym. Why do so many people give up on this resolution and their fitness goals so quickly? Is it the overcrowding at the gym? If so, they’re actually solving the problem for others by not showing up. Maybe it is motivation. Have you seen results yet? If not, or if they aren’t the results you are hoping for, that can also contribute to the pause in your gym visits. Remember, progress happens at different rates for everyone, so don’t give up too quickly!

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